Nairobi set for ‘Maad’ night of sound and dance

What do you get when you bring together an electronic music producer, an 18-piece classical orchestra, a jazz band, strong vocalists, LED dancers, acrobats and an old-school hip-hop star? You get Maad Orchestra, a two hour show that takes place on Friday 3 March at the Braeburn Theatre in Nairobi .

Eddie Grey, the Kenyan jazz musician behind Maad Orchestra. Photo:
Eddie Grey, the Kenyan jazz musician behind Maad Orchestra. Photo:

Maad Orchestra is the brain child of jazz musician Eddie Grey, one of Kenya’s young but enduring jazz and fusion musicians.

Grey will be performing under his electronic beatmaker name Maad Jikoni. He will be joined by members of his jazz ensemble as well as some of Kenya’s top vocalists like Atemi Oyungu, Victor Muli and Pete Odera. They will be accompanied by an 18-piece orchestra, led by conductor Levi Wataka.

“After playing with a jazz band for years, and after the release of my last album Stories by the Lake, I felt like taking my music a step further, and exploring different sounds,” says Grey, who started experimenting with electronic and classical music two years ago.

“Everything is connected. Since the invention of instruments, human beings have been searching for ways to communicate, transform and improve the sound of music. All of their imagination have led us to this point where computers are aiding in this communication. In my opinion, electronic music is a 21st Century manifestation of the fusion of traditional, classical jazz with other genres. It’s the sound of the future.”

Live Gigs and digital artist Basil Ngode will have a showcase. LED and fire dancer Mwanase, who has mastered the hula-hoop, will bring some fire to the event..

The evening will be a musical journey from vintage 1970s Kenyan hits to 1990s hip-hop and today’s pop anthems, all mashed up with the genius of Mozart’s orchestra symphonies and delivered through electronic beats.

Gates open at 8pm and tickets can be bought on and UpNairobi. Charges are 4,500 Kenya shillings ($43.50) for VIP and KShs1 800 for advance tickets.


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