Nigeria’s Falz and Simi release joint EP

Frequent collaborators rapper Falz and singer Simi have released a joint EP.

Falz and Simi in one of a series of promotional photos
Falz and Simi in one of a series of promotional photos

The EP, titled Chemistry, was released in the early hours of 27 October, coinciding with the birthday of the rapper. A 7-track package, it was preceded by romance-themed photos online.

For some time, the pair of artists have generated speculation about a relationship outside of the recording booth, and the title might be a play on those speculations.

It could, however, refer to the fruitfulness of their work within the studio. Together the artists have given their fans the songs ‘Jamb Question remix’ and ‘Soldier’—both of which were well-received and sufficient to spur online rumours about their relationship.

Both have, however, denied the much talked-about romance.

The year has gone well for Falz whose music and comedy act have been rewarded with much attention this year. His sophomore album Stories that Touch was widely played. He won an acting award. He also performed at the 2016 MTV Africa Music Awards in which his compatriots took several awards.

For her part, Simi has moved closer to the mainstream in recent times, and had a chance to perform at the Road to MAMA pre-award concert in Lagos. Her solo sophomore album is expected over the next few months. And prior to the Chemistry EP she released a duet ‘In My Head’ with her label mate Praiz.

“Falz and I do have great chemistry,” she told an interviewer recently. “It is music chemistry. We get along great; we are really close friends. So I guess it also helps when we make music.”

Buy the Chemistry EP here.



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