Nigerian body bans songs by Wizkid, Nicki Minaj and others

The Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) has banned a slew of songs from both local and international artists. The NBC is the government agency responsible for broadcast regulation in the country. Usually a quiet organisation, its periodic bans of songs and music videos have come to be the most oblique contact the Nigerian audience has with the corporation.

Banned songs and videos are compiled in a list, branded NTBB (Not to be Broadcast) and the list sent out to radio and television stations. Most of the songs come afoul of the agency because of lewd content and racy videos.

The recent list, compiled in July, includes Yayo by Phyno, Tesojue by Reminisce, Gift by Iyanya and Wizkid’s In My Bed.

Critics of the NBC complain of its actions are uneven. For instance, the list includes the video for Naeto C’s ‘Tony Montana’. Now banned for its depiction of violence, that video was released three years ago. A few years ago, the audience and artists noted that these bans are only for local artists while foreign lewd lyrics are routinely broadcast. Perhaps to counter these statements, the current list includes US rapper Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ and US singer Omarion’s ‘Post to Be’.

And yet of the current list of songs, Davido’s ‘Fans Mi’ has perhaps the most curious remarks: ‘Video promotes ostentatious lifestyle, violence, drug tariffing…’ It was said that the video had attracted the attentions of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA). The singer appeared nonplussed by the agency. Chances are Davido and other artists on the list will ignore the NBC's list. Most of the songs have been successful prior to the ban. That success may be the reason the songs came to the notice of the corporation in the first place.


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