Nigerian music platform Spinlet offers family-friendly service

Nigerian music online platform Spinlet has launched a family friendly service. Named Spinlet Inspire, the service provides users with inspirational and gospel music. Songs available on the platform will contain no swear words and expletives.

Spinlet has launched family-friendly service Spinlet Inspire.
Spinlet has launched family-friendly service Spinlet Inspire.

“When you think about the music industry today in Africa and around the world,” said Spinlet CEO Nkiru Balonwu, “it has become highly sexualised and many parents are increasingly concerned about the programming being consumed by young, impressionable children.”

The new Inspire service from Spinlet, which was recently ranked as one of the top streaming platforms on the continent, comes months after the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation banned a list of songs and videos for explicit content. Spinlet Inspire is also the company’s first incursion into the field of user-defined content.

To use the service, subscribers will scroll down the platform’s ‘Account Settings’ to find the ‘Gospel Mode’ button. Once there Spinlet Inspire can be turned on and saved. This leads to an exclusively gospel and inspirational music catalogue for the user. Besides the new service Spinlet is in the process of arranging an album of gospel and inspirational songs in collaboration with select artists from around the continent.

“Of course there is a place for provocative lyrics within the art form,” adds Balonwu. “But we recognise that there is a substantial audience out there who do not wish to engage with adult content be they gospel music fans, children, parents, or even those who are simply searching for more uplifting tracks. They are after a certain type of music and Spinlet Inspire will provide them the desired filter.”

For more information check the Spinlet Facebook page.


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