Nigerian Police against 2 Baba planned protest

Reports of a protest by Nigerians against the government, as led by 2 Baba, has been met with disapproval by the Nigerian police.

2 Baba's planned protest has met with Nigerian Police disapproval. Photo: NG Wide
2 Baba's planned protest has met with Nigerian Police disapproval. Photo: NG Wide

Earlier, a post by the ‘African Queen’ singer speaking about the 5 February planned protest sparked debate online, with some urging him to go ahead and some unhappy with his decision.

Among those not in support was an academic who referred to the singer as “illiterate”. Then the singer’s former partner in the trio Plantashun Boiz, Blackface, shared a message against the protest, seemingly disagreeing with his former friend with whom he has a turbulent history since the breakup of the band.

Among 2 Baba supporters are pop acts Davido and Burna Boy—the latter has recorded a few politically conscious songs, notably ‘Soke’.

“What are your daily struggles? How is it doing you? No matter what part of the world you are, I encourage you to share your stories. And join me on Monday in Surulere or online," implored 2 Baba of his fellow citizens. “Use any of the hashtags #IStandWith2Baba #IStandWithNigeria #OneVoiceNigeria on social media. We will take all the reports and send them to our elected representatives as ONE VOICE of Nigerians across party, ethnic and religious lines – as they hear real people talk about real issues."

While he is yet to respond to the outpour of comments online and otherwise, 2 Baba might be forced to consider a statement made by the Lagos Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni, who has claimed there are plans to take advantage of the protest by criminal elements.

“Information reaching us revealed that some hoodlums are planning to hijack the peaceful protest,” Owoseni said. “An as such, we won’t allow it to hold in Lagos. We know that Tuface does not have the capacity to contain such a crowd and we will not fold our hands and watch while things go out of hand.”

In recent times, many Nigerian artists have stayed away from overtly political concerns, as no one has followed the path trod by the politically engaged afrobeat maestro, Fela



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