Nigerian rappers Mode 9 and Eva set for album release

Two Nigerian rappers, Mode 9 and Eva, have announced forthcoming albums.

Eva, Mode 9
Eva, Mode 9

Mode 9, the highly rated rapper, has won Lyricist on the Roll, his country’s highest rated award for rappers, more times than anyone else. Frequently said to be the best Nigerian, Mode 9 has released four solo albums. His first, E Pluribus Unum, was released in 2006.

Paradigm Shift followed two years later. His last Above Ground Level was released in 2014. In recent times the rapper’s music has endured a lack of attention, with some online comments noting that he has refused to get on with the newer, faster sound that dominates the airwaves.

The rapper complained about the poor reception of his collaborative album Alphabetical Order (2013). The album which was recorded with the producer XYZ was mostly shunned by the media and radio.

“I put out a whole album nobody cared,” he said. “A whole 20 track album Alphabetical Order, nobody gave a f**k, nobody cares. You see how the industry is, how do you expect me to feel? Nigerians don’t like hip hop they only follow the hype, they don’t even know what it is.”

Mode 9’s forthcoming album is titled Insulin and will be available for purchase on 16 August.

Unlike Mode 9, the younger Eva will be releasing her debut album. Titled 1960, the album has seen a number of setbacks. No more, perhaps, as she posted that 13 August is the new release date for the anticipated album.



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