Nigeria's Duncan Mighty to release ‘Certificate’ album

Last time Duncan Mighty released an album was in 2014. He is now set for a return.

Duncan Mighty will be releasing 'Certificate', his fifth album, in 2016
Duncan Mighty will be releasing 'Certificate', his fifth album, in 2016

The self-proclaimed Port Harcourt first son, after the Nigerian city he hails from, has announced a forthcoming album. Named Certificate, the album will have 19 tracks according to a track list he has made available online.

Duncan Mighty’s first album, Koliwater, was released in 2008. Two years later, Ahamefuna (Legacy) reached stores. He followed his sophomore with Footprints in 2012. Grace & Talent was released in 2014.

In the time since his debut, Duncan Mighty has come to be known for his identification with the city of Port Harcourt both in the employment of his native Ikwerre language in his lyrics and in his sound—which is heavily influenced by the rhythms popular in traditional music from south-southern Nigeria.

Speaking about the content of Certificate, the ‘Obianuju’ singer said, “It is an album with variety of African Port-Harcourt hits with melodious, vibes and lyrics that’s not just sweet when listening to it but also educates, add value to lives and most especially songs to motivate the youth on the streets.”

Asked why the time between his last album and the forthcoming one, he said, “God’s time is the best,” adding that he intends “to use the album to speak to Nigerian youths to shun violence and embrace their God given talent.”

Certificate by Duncan Mighty will be released on 16 September.



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