Nominees revealed for 2015 Mozambique Music Awards

The nominees for the 2015 edition of the Mozambique Music Awards (MMA) were announced recently in Maputo, the Mozambican capital city.

Mozambican star Stewart Sukuma has been nominated for the 2015 MMAs. Photo: Dave Durbach
Mozambican star Stewart Sukuma has been nominated for the 2015 MMAs. Photo: Dave Durbach

The seventh edition of MMA will be held in partnership with Angola Music Awards (AMA), in preparation for the new continental Lusophone awards that were announced in June this year, to be known as PALOP Awards – an acronym for Países Africanos De Língua Oficial Portuguesa (African Countries with Portuguese as an Official Language).

Launched in 2009, the Mozambique Music Awards is an annual event that aims to honour the best music of Mozambique. The biggest event of musical awards in Mozambique, the project has brought together artists and bands from all over the nation, creating a reward system that determines who the best artists are in a particular area during the preceding year. In 2014, the event honored names like Azagaia, Claudio Ismael, Mr. Bow, Liloca, Team Sabawana, Kakana Band, among others. The career prize was awarded to Jorge Mamade.

The MMAs aims to provide an international platform for local artists to be recognized, respected and appreciated for their contribution to the Mozambican music industry. The event that is not confined to the capital, Maputo - it searches for music that is produced elsewhere in the country and promoting it via the live event and on TV, one of the most watched events on local airwaves. The date and location of the 2015 awards ceremony have not yet been announced.

The nominees for the 2015 MMAs are as follows:

Best Male Artist

  • Mr. Bow
  • Augusto ‘Nhamugovela’
  • Abuchamo Munhoto
  • Ubakka
  • Gasso

Best Female Artist

  • Jutty
  • Liloca
  • Marlene
  • Matilde Conjo
  • Iveth

Best Contemporary

  • Jah Bee - Por Um Mundo de Justiça
  • Stewart Sukuma - Xitchuketa Marrabenta
  • African Alchemy - Hina Hi Kona
  • Joe Far Man - Xiguiana
  • Aly Faqui - Kinachukhuro

Best Light Music

  • Ernesto F. Ndzeve - Tchaya Viola Kata
  • Marlene - Filho
  • Ta Basilly - My Love
  • Mabermuda - Matilho Ma Vula Vula
  • Domingas e Belita - Ohawa

Best Hip-Hop

  • Duas Caras ft Twenty Fingers - Dinda
  • Team Mano Pxiou - Kassi Hi Mano Pxiou
  • Slim Nigga ft Cláudio Ismael - Bia
  • Iveth ft Miguel Xabindza - 4 Estações (Remix)
  • Laylow ft Hernâni da Silva - Chapa

Best Afro Jazz

  • Dino Miranda - Baby Eu Te Quero
  • Augusto Nhamugovela - Tinemba Tathu
  • Tanselle Ft. Kamane - Nguena
  • Sheila Mahoze - T Khome
  • D'Manyissa ft. Orlando Venhereque - Força Interior

Best Electronica

  • Postulados - My Love
  • Liloca - No Rhurhumela
  • DJ Dilson - Ana Maria
  • New Joint - A cena é essa cena
  • Afro Madjaha - Xingomana

Best Afro-Tropical

  • Euridse Jeque - De Mim Cuido Eu
  • Tchakaze - Nkata
  • Jutty - Vou Te Amar
  • Nuno Abdul - Aceita
  • Abuchamo Munhoto - Ao Som do Abuchamo

Best R&B/Soul

  • Carmen Chaquice - Tempo
  • Skalled - Nakurandza
  • Sheila Mahoze - No Ntsem
  • Iveth e Miguel Xabindza - 4 Estações (REMIX)
  • Tanselle feat. Kamane - Nguena

Best Pandza/Dzukuta

  • Matilde Conjo - Ni Khome
  • 2 Hustlers feat. Afro Madjaha e Xidiminguana - Kassi Utxava Yine
  • Cizer Boss - Surprise
  • Cizer Boss - Martelo 4 Pause
  • Team Sabawana - Sekeleka

Best Music Video

  • Nandele – ‘Fim o Humano’
  • Rage feat Cláudio Ismael – ‘A minha maneira’
  • Classic La Familia – ‘Run Nigga’
  • Skalled – ‘Shut it down’
  • Mc Roger e Skalled – ‘Aproveita a Vida’

Best New Artist

  • Tchakaze
  • Case Buyakah
  • Skalled
  • Afro Madjaha
  • Euridse Jeque

Best Mozambican DJ

  • DJ Dilson - Ana Maria
  • DJ Celsinho - Sozinho sozinho
  • DJ Ellex - Hip Hop Extent
  • DJ Faya - So Moz
  • Nandele - Fim o Humano

Best Radio Show

  • Hermínio Chissano - Hipertensão
  • Carlos Novela - Super Quente
  • Hélder Mendes - Bom Balanço
  • José Nhaca - Tic Tac
  • KC Mendes - The Saturday Morning Show

Most Popular Music

  • Stewart Sukuma - Male
  • Iveth - Nyandayeyo
  • Mr. Bow - Massinguitane
  • Afro Madjaha - Xingomana
  • Ernesto F. Ndzeve - Tchaya Viola Kata

Most Popular Artist

  • Afro Madjaha - Xingomana
  • Ta Basilly
  • Mabermuda
  • Mr. Bow
  • Marlene

Voting is open to the public via the MMA website. For more details on how to cast your vote, watch the video below.



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