Pan-African ‘pop-up studio’ to feature Ade Bantu and Tunde Jegede

The Pan African Space Station, a pop-up live studio, is set to ‘land’ in Lagos, Nigeria on Thursday 23 June. Among its expected pilots are Tunde Jegede, kora player and Artistic Director of the Music Society of Nigeria (MUSON); and Ade Bantu, co-host of the Afropolitan Vibes concert.

Tunde Jegede, Ade Bantu will be performing at the Pan African Space Station, Lagos. Photo: Facebook
Tunde Jegede, Ade Bantu will be performing at the Pan African Space Station, Lagos. Photo: Facebook

The Pan African Space Station was launched in 2008 by the literary publication Chimurenga, and has since been operated from different cities, including Paris, New York and Cape Town. The project provides a space for music, performances, talks and possible collaborations between individuals that may previously have existed separately.

A number of artists, performers, writers and musicians will be brought together during the Lagos sessions, to, according to an official release by Chimurenga, “provoke us to rethink our histories and to speculate on our futures through artistic and cultural practice.”

Some of the personalities to be featured by PASS include the aforementioned musicians Ade Bantu and Tunde Jegede; music writers Benson Idonije, Dami Ajayi and Oris Aigbokhaevbolo; as well as the poets Dagga Tollar, Efe Paul Azino and Jumoke Verrisimo.

For its four-day run from 23 June through to 26 June, the Pan African Space Station will be hosted by Freedom Park, Lagos. It will be part of the Lagos Live 2016 Festival, which is organised by the Goethe-Institut. The event is also part of an ongoing exploration by Chimurenga into “the festival as political act.”

Following the departure of the ‘space station’, recordings from the live sessions will form “an archive of experiments: speaking, listening, playing, partying and community.”

To follow the Pan African Space Station, visit Freedom Park Lagos from 23 – 26 June. Or tune in from 2-8pm (Lagos time) using the PASS website.


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