Panamusiq’s Pierre Bae releases debut single Danser

A debut single is a defining moment in a singer’s career and this is no exception for Cameroon’s Pierre Bae, aka Mboadiva.

Cameroon up and coming artist Pierre Bae. Photo: Pierre's Facebook page.
Cameroon up and coming artist Pierre Bae. Photo: Pierre's Facebook page.

Born in Yaoundé, Pierre showed a passion for music at a very early stage. However, stepping into the music industry was a hard task, mainly due to family reasons. She thus opted to pursue journalism. Music however was always with her and since 2013 she has hosted some of Cameroon’s top rated music radio shows.

On 21 October the fast rising star released the audio to her debut single ‘Danser’, a song which she says celebrates life amid the day-to-day challenges. Speaking to Music In Africa via email, Pierre says the songs is inspired by her experiences in life. “As every human being, there have been some hard times I have been through in my life, whether they are big or small, they are quite enough to remind me that I am still alive and still have the opportunity to work hard for a better life,” Pierre remarks.

She is excited to be venturing into music at a time when the Cameroon music scene is witnessing a revolution. “Three years ago, I would have told you that there’s no real music industry, because everything was still outdated. But today, we are seeing a real revolution of the urban music in Cameroon,” Pierre opines. She further notes that there is good news for up and coming artists like herself as the industry is still evolving and we can artists can see considerable and encouraging progress.

‘Danser’ was released on various radio stations in various countries prior to its worldwide release on Friday by Africa’s leading digital music company Africori. The song was produced by WillBeatz. 

In July 2016 Pierre was signed by Tanzanian based artist management company Panamusiq giving her the first steps towards developing a music career. “We have a Pan-African vocation and our plan is to sign artists from across the continent. We are looking for multi-talented artists with a great voice, look and personality, Michele Baldini of Panamusiq says. She says Pierre approached the company through social media and they were impressed by her voice. “We believe she has a great potential also because she has vast experience with radio and TV as well as organizing events so she understand what happens in the music industry.”

Pierre is Panamusiq’s first signing from Cameroon. Even though the company has not yet identified any more talents from Cameroon, Michele says Panamusiq is scouting in West Africa and Southern Africa in line with its objective of having the first truly Pan-African roster on the continent.

For Pierre, who has previously worked as a host on various radio stations in Cameroon, her eyes are set on developing her music career. “I want to focus on my music now, even though I am still a media personality.” 

Pierre’s new single is available for purchase on iTunes.


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