Pawa Festival to bring art to Kenyan streets

Following the success of the inaugral Art in the Streets Showcase in 2013, the second installation now dubbed PAWA festival will take over various streets in Nairobi on Sunday 20 December to celebrate art in all its forms. The main venue of street festival will be at City Hallway, at the public space in front of the Kenya International Conference Centre from 10.00am to 10.00pm local time.

Sarabi band members. Photo:
Sarabi band members. Photo:

With a showcase of different forms on offer outstanding will be the music entertainment that will bring together some of Kenya's outstanding artists. The Festival will feature Makadem, Sarabi Band, Giovanni, Lamebrain, Teardrops, Sali Oyugi, Octave Band, Zikki Band, Valentine Ziki, Checkmate Mido, Fadhilee Itulya, Idd Aziz and Blinky Bill of Just A Band. Makadem will get the audience dancing to the Anglo- Ohangla tunes while the Octave Band, an all boy-band will bank on their smooth instrumentation and powerful lyrics to celebrate the Kenya’s achievements while highlighting the challenges that the youth face.

Visual Artists will include Faith Wanjala, Nancy Cherwon, Salim Busuru, Nancy Tind, Clavers Odhiambo and Alexa, with Dance by Art and Abolition and Street Dance Kenya. PAWA Festival aims at becoming an annual street festival, showcasing socially conscious East African Art, Music and Creativity. It will act as a platform for innovative young artists to showcase their creative genius though visual and performance quality pieces including: public installations, film screenings, photography exhibitions, poetry and literary readings. There will be non-stop music courtesy of dedicated DJ line-up led by Santuri Safari.



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