Rap music video gets Nigerian actress banned

A music video from the Nigerian rapper ClassiQ has resulted in the ban of a popular actress from the country’s northern region.

Classiq, Rahama Sadau
Classiq, Rahama Sadau

The video for the song ‘I Love You’ shows the actress Rahama Sadau holding hands and walking with the rapper as he serenades her. Her role as love interest proved enough for the Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria, MOPPAN, to declare the actress expelled.

“…Rahama Sadau has been expelled from the Hausa indigenous film industry popularly known as Kannnywood,” reads an official statement from the body.

“This is as a result of her recent immoral appearance in a certain video song where she appeared in series of visuals (video and pictorial) hugging and cuddling the music artist ClassiQ in his newly released video.

“The leadership of the industry has taken this decision for her violation of its codes of ethics known to all it practitioners. By this resolution, the leadership of the industry will no longer tolerate behaviours that are against conduct and ethics laid by the constitution governing the unified leadership of the industry.

“More so, the leadership hopes that this will serve as a deterrent to the actors and actresses to check their public behaviour as they are expected to be good ambassadors to the society they represent.”

Reacting to the ban, ClassiQ said to Premium Times, “I actually asked and begged Rahama Sadau to be part of the video because she is a popular figure in the entertainment industry and that is all. I wanted a popular face in the video.

“When the whole thing blew because of her appearance in the video, I got shocked. In fact I am still not myself till now. I am shocked by her expulsion.

“It is strictly professional and look at what it has turned out to be for her. I am so worried and disturbed about it.”

The actress, who was out of the country when MOPPAN issued a ban, apologised a few days after news of the ban reached social media. "To those who I have offended in any way, shape or form and who I have caused any anxiety by featuring in the said music video, I sincerely apologize,” she said. “I may have fallen short of some people’s expectations but it was never my intention. I make no excuses for my actions and I take full responsibility."

MOPPAN is yet to react to Ms. Sadau's apology.

Watch ‘I Love You’ below:



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