Reaction video of UK fans watching East African music goes viral

A new reaction video YouTube channel, Ubunifu TV, is getting eyeballs in East Africa with their response to the region’s pop music. The UK half of the team, with the other half in East Africa, filmed their reaction to a 2016 Kenyan sensation, ‘Gudi Gudi’ by Everlast featuring Naiboi and Kristoff. Their reaction video has already had over 23 000 views in five days on Facebook.

Tanzanian artists Ay & Diamond Platnumz. Photo:
Tanzanian artists Ay & Diamond Platnumz. Photo:

Started on 7 January 2017, the channel also has the Ubunifu UK team of five reacting to the 2016 hit ‘Zigo Remix’ by Tanzanian artist AY featuring Diamond Platnumz and a video showing Kenyans reacting to a rap song, ‘Friendly’ by UK artist J Hu also released last year.

While there’s nothing remarkable about the reactions except that one urban culture gets to respond to another, the channel follows the trend of reaction videos that has become an internet sensation, boosting the popularity of the original videos and creating new star commentators.  It is the fact that those reacting aren’t 'experts' that gives reaction videos their charm. They are about deconstructing and democratizing the music review space.

The Ubunifu team promises to provide new reactions videos every week. The idea is to offer a dual perspective, with UK reacting to East African music and East Africans reacting to UK urban music.

Here are the reaction videos to ‘Gudi Gudi’ and ‘Zigo Remix’ from Ubunifu TV:




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