The relevance of music education to the Ethiopian educational system

By Atalay Mesfin Anteneh (International Research Journal of Music Education)

Premier Publishers
Premier Publishers

The research paper places of interest the weight of music education to the Ethiopian educational system. It identifies the prospects, problems and proffered possible solutions to them. In achieving its objectives the study uses ethnographic and qualitative methods with simple percentages for eliciting and collation of data.

The paper suggests that the society, the curriculum planners, and the government have much to do so music education is appreciated in Ethiopia. It proposes as part of its recommendations that the government provide necessary facilities and personnel for music to thrive as a vocational subject; and that parents and the larger society must become educated on the usefulness of music as a career subject worth pursuing by pupils. The reset interest of the paper is narrated about music education in Ethiopia and contributors for the development.

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