Rub-a-Dub brings reggae vibes to Kenyan coastal town of Kilifi

On Satuday 12 December, music enthusiasts in Kenya's coastal town of Kilifi are set to experience some heavy bass, dub and reggae vibes as organizers Rub-a-Dub hold a concert at the Distant Relatives Eco Lodge. The evening is set to also showcase some of Kenya’s emerging musical talents while DJs play some of the best reggae tunes.

MC Lavosti during a live performance. Photo:
MC Lavosti during a live performance. Photo:

MC Lavosti (Ukoo Flani) and the Kadhalika collective (Ondi, Ronjey and Wairimu) are expected to perform live at the event, while DJs Heartical, Lasta (Kaya Kollective) and SkaFace (Bad Mambo) will enthrall fans with their reggae selections.

DJ Skaface has a long history of mashing up the dancefloor with his eclectic and at times unexpected styles. He was part of the iconic London-based Hekate soundsystem from the early 1980s into the mid-1990s. His CV is packed of appearances all over Europe and East Africa. If his ever-changing DJ name is anything to go by (Vortex, Spillage, Ravey Davey, Mabuse to name but a few), this is a man that has crawled out of many an urban underbelly and surprised audiences with his unique brand of mixes.

Lasta, meanwhile, started DJing during the Welsh warehouse and 'free party' scene of the early 1980s. He was a founding member of Raise the Roof, an urban festival based in Leeds. Ten years ago, Lasta left the UK. He then sang and DJ'd as part of the Geneva Art Collective at free parties in the Swiss Alps. Now in Kenya, Lasta is the creative director for Kaya Kenya and resident DJ at Bad Mambo. He can play a full set of Arabic or Ethiopian music but is most comfortable mashing up various styles, tempos and rhythms from across the globe to get people moving.

For more details and updates, visit the event's Facebook page.


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