SA’s Zahara and DJ Sbu in UK for Mofaya Festival

South African artists Zahara and DJ Sbu and are billed to perform in the UK at the Mofaya Summer Festival. 

Zahara and DJ Sbu are set to re-unite with their UK fans. Photo:
Zahara and DJ Sbu are set to re-unite with their UK fans. Photo:

The two artists will start their tour with a performance at the Dolce Vita Nightclub in Birmingham on Friday 5 August. Zahara, real name Bulelwa Mkutukana, will use this opportunity to sign CDs while her countryman will be unleashing one of his signature DJ sets.

The Friday event will be followed up by a live performance on Saturday 6 August at the Mofaya Summer Festival at the Slough Cricket Club in Slough. 

The two South African musicians will be joined by Zimbabwean artists Diana Samkange, Blackdiamond, Mathias Julius, Charlie Kay, Lamont Chitepo, Xavier & King Xoli, Kazz and an array of local DJ’s.

Speaking to New, one of the organisers of the event, Shane Manjelo said: “This is an event not to be missed, we are bringing the best of Zimbabwe and South Africa together and we are looking forward to a great weekend of celebrations.”

The tour will mark DJ Sbu’s first international tour in years. The seasoned entertainer will also introduce his energy drink brand Mofaya at the festival. Sbu recently revealed the news via Twitter: “Passion Beverages in the house. The African dream is about to come to pass. Our lord has a great sense of humour!”

DJ Sbu and Zahara have a rich musical background and have both worked on a number of projects in the past. Real name Sibusiso Leope, Sbu is one of the forces e behind Zahara's initial success - he is credited for mentoring the ‘Loliwe’ hitmaker and making her one of the biggest female musicians in the country. In addition, the duo has worked on a series of performances around South Africa and elsewhere. For example, in 2012, they embarked on an Invasion Tour in Ermelo, Mpumalanga where they reportedly unleashed an exciting musical performance.


Zahara, who is still busking in the success of her new album Country Girl, will once more find time to reunite with her U.K. fans. In 2015, the popular songbird, for the first time ever shared the stage with Zimbabwea icon Tuku for two UK shows in London and Birmingham.

Tickets can be bought on line via the festival website.


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