Senegalese rappers deliver memorable concert at Muffathalle in Munich

Senegalese hip-hop acts Matador, P.P.S the Writah, DJ Gee Bayss and Keyti gave a memorable performance in Munich on 21 March 2015. Performing at one of the most reputable concert venues in Germany, the Dakar-based rappers thrilled fans with a performance that has been highly praised by fans and media alike.

Matador performing the hit ‘Sonn Boy’
Matador performing the hit ‘Sonn Boy’

The concert, titled Dox Dajé, was the culmination of an exchange programme organised by the Muffathalle together with Association AfriCulturban, and presented by the Music In Africa Foundation in conjunction with the Siemens Stiftung and Goethe-Institut. As part of the programme the artists spent a week working with various music professionals from Germany, notably the popular hip-hop band Blumentopf, with whom they collaborated on new material. Prolific Senegalese record producer Moussa Cire Dia was also involved in the project as composer and producer.

The performance showcased collaborative material prepared during the project as well as some of their individual tracks. A highlight was the performance of the collaborative song, ‘Welcome to the jungle’, which featured Heinemann from Blumentopf. Another memorable moment was the performance of the slow-paced song ‘Sonn Boy’ by Matador. The rappers’ indisputable talent, vibrant stage presence and clever use of visual aids made Dox Dajé a concert to remember for many years to come.

One of the biggest newspapers in Germany, the Süddeutsche Zeitung, reported that the concert was “an impressive showcase of the quality of Senegalese rap”.

“Matador is a musical jack-of-all-trades. He could effortlessly move from straight storytelling to gripping vocal improvisations, to demanding high-speed rhymes. Keyti presented himself as an adept MC, firing up the audience and delivering his rhymes with clockwork precision. P.P.S. The Writah showcased why he's regarded as one of Senegal's best new rap talents,” reported the paper.

The concert was preceded by a well-attended panel discussion that integrated a presentation of the Music In Africa portal (, where Senegalese hip-hop was the main focus. Panellists included German journalist and DJ Jonathan Fischer, Music In Africa Foundation Director Eddie Hatitye, Muffatwerk Director Dietmar Lupfer, AfriCulturban Director Amadou Fall Ba and Keyti.

Nathalie von Siemens, Director of the Siemens Stiftung, and Johannes Ebert, Secretary General of the Goethe-Institut, delivered keynote speeches at the event. They reiterated their organisations’ support for the Music In Africa initiative, as well as for exchange, education and the African music sector in general.

Speaking after the concert, Nathalie von Siemens said: “I was very impressed by the concert and the panel discussion in which our panellists reported on the entrepreneurial attitude of hip-hop in Senegal, taking an active part in shaping its society. This made the concert an even more powerful experience.”  

Johannes Ebert added that: “The productive collaboration (between the Senegalese and German artists) revealed the ideas behind the Music In Africa project. It facilitates networks, creates platforms and establishes an understanding between the players in the immensely rich music scene in sub-Saharan Africa and those in other countries and Germany.”

“This border crossing exchange follows the Goethe-Institut's general approach of connecting cultural scenes worldwide. We are looking forward to more similar collaboration in the context of Music In Africa,” he added.

The exchange programme is scheduled to continue in June 2015 with Blumentopf and other German music professionals participating at the Festa2H festival in Dakar, Senegal.


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