Seyi Shay returns to the ballad on 'Airbrush'

Months after releasing her debut album Seyi or Shay, Nigerian artist Seyi Shay has dropped a new single.

Seyi Shay
Seyi Shay

Titled ‘Airbrush’, the song is a return to artist’s pure R&B roots, and comes with a video shot by Matt Maxx in South Africa. The song is a departure from the artist's succesful incursion into faster paced music. Known mostly as an R&B artist, Seyi Shay's new music reminds fans of her strong vocals.

'Airbrush' comes after an eventful first half of 2016—a period which saw the artist go on tour around the world. With ‘Airbrush’, according to her management team, Seyi Shay has created “a song that forced her to reach inside of herself."

They add: “The song’s video shows how nothing is really perfect. And while it might be all smiles on the outside, there is always a reality on the inside which isn't always pretty.” The artist herself has said, “I have realised that nothing is perfect be it relationships, friendships or careers.” As she sings on the song, "You can't airbrush reality."

Prior to its official release, ‘Airbrush’ has lived another life. The song was leaked last year and welcomed warmly by fans of Seyi Shay. Formerly a guilty pleasure due to its earlier origins, fans of Seyi Shay (real name Deborah Oluwaseyi Joshua) can now enjoy the song, which was produced by Drew Scott, with the singer’s blessings.

Outside of the release of new music, Seyi Shay recently took part in a United Nations campaign aimed at women. She contributed to a remake of the Spice Girls' hit song ‘Wannabe’. Seyi Shay is heavily involved in charity work. In May 2015 she set up a foundation 'SHAY A RAY OF HOPE' which she hopes to use to change the lives of under served children especially in Africa.



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