Shatta Wale to launch peace campaign ahead of Ghana elections

With Ghana’s general elections set to be held in December, members of the country’s music industry have embarked on anti-violence campaigns to prevent tragic incidents during the process.

Shatta Wale. Photo: Facebook
Shatta Wale. Photo: Facebook

Recently, the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) has organised peace walks to raise awareness. Now dancehall star Shatta Wale has announced plans to encourage a peaceful period of elections.

On social media, Shatta Wale has used the slogan, "Use Your Thumbs Not Guns". According to his public relations manager Chris Koney, the ‘Kakai’ star will unveil plans for a campaign soon. 

As Ghana will be “having the general elections in November,” explained Koney, “Shatta Wale, the king of African dancehall, will soon roll out a peace advocacy campaign, which seeks to promote peace and stability in the country before, during and after the election.

"It is very important to ensure that we go through this election peacefully and he as an icon with a huge following will play his part in preaching peace to everyone," added Koney. "There will be more details once the campaign it is officially launched.”

For now, it is unclear when the planned campaign will begin, even after the hashtag #Shatta4Peace2016 has been launched on social media. The campaign is part of the corporate social responsibility project, ‘Shatta Supports’, which was launched a few weeks ago. ‘Shatta Supports’ is a broad project aiming to “develop the socio-human capital of Ghana by improving the quality of people's lives through appropriate and sustainable social interventions in identified areas. As a unit, it aims at having a broad community impact as well as supporting national and international development priorities.”

While the Ghanaian public awaits Shatta Wale, the Musicians Union of Ghana recently released a list of songs to be included on its album of peace songs ahead of the elections. “The songs came from all over the country,” said Ahuma Bosco Ocansey, the union’s Head of Communications and Special Projects, “because musicians realise they have a lot of influence on the public when it comes to advocacy for peace. They see music as a useful tool for national cohesion and that is really dear to their hearts.”


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