South African artist Mandie Mafu drops new song

Upcoming South African musician Mandie Mafu has dropped a new single, titled ‘Molo Mama’.

Mandie Mafu
Mandie Mafu

Mandie, whose real name is Mandisi Mafu, released the song online on iTunes, making it his third official track since he began his recording career. His other songs include ‘Song For My Future Wife’ and ‘June July’.

Based in Cape Town and raised in Peddie, Eastern Cape, in his new single, Mandie narrates how he lost the connection between himself and his mother.  ‘Molo Mama’ gave him the platform to express how he misses his mother and how he hopes for a day he will return home and say ‘Molo Mama’ (Hello Mama). 

Not only does the song focus on the challenges he faces while away from home, the single is also dedicated to people living away from their loved ones. “My family has grown since I have left; I have nieces and nephews who don’t even know me by name, and those who do hold only vague memories,” says Mandie.

He continued: “It is becoming more common for people everywhere to leave their maternal or paternal homes, villages, cities and countries in search of a better life. Sometimes we get caught up in the goals we have set for the new life we are building and lose touch with home. This is not only difficult on us, but on our families as well - especially mothers. Even in a world where digital communication facilitates keeping these connections alive, sometimes these devices can feel like poor substitutes."

Mandie’s music is a fusion of kwaito and Afro-beats with an undertone of electronic synths. He is also a qualified sound engineer and electronic music programmer who studied at Cape Audio College. This has enabled him to compose and produce his own music. He also works with several artists in Cape Town and Johannesburg. 

He has in the past featured on the Expresso Show, where he had an interview and later performed ‘Song For My Future Wife’.



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