Sudan and Gambia unite on album

African traditional music received a boost recently with the collaboration of artists from the Gambia and Sudan. The product of the collaboration is the album Kabeng (which translates to meeting together.)

Dembo Jobarteh
Dembo Jobarteh

‘African traditional artists need to come together and collaborate by bringing freedom and unity into our music,’ said Mohamad Badawi, a German-based Sudanese instrumentalist, whose idea brought about the project. ‘We will promote this album in Germany by inviting all artistes who were featured in it to perform in festivals, as there is need for more exposure for the cultural fun in the songs' melodies, which I would like to be exposing in a wider world.’

‘Kabeng’ features Gambian musicians Tatanding Jobarteh, Pabobo Jobarteh, Dembo Jobarteh, Dawda Camara, Kebba Suso, Karamo Kuyateh, Musa Pierra, Bai Jobarteh as well as Badawi himself. Production of the album took place at a studio in Brikama, one of the largest cities in the Gambia.

Besides promoting the collaboration via festivals, to enhance the project's visibility to the world, plans are underway to shoot a video. 

Dembo Jaborteh, who plays the kora, drum and balafon and is one of the featured artists, said: ‘We hope this partnership will go a long way in enhancing more cultural exchanges between the two African nations.'


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