Tanzania’s New Life Band extends tour of California

The New Life Band of Tanzania, a 10-member group singing gospel and secular music, are currently touring the USA, where they have staged concerts at various venues since 8 September 2015. The band that made its sixth trip to Sun Prairie in Wisconsin on 8 September will between 14 October and 1 November extend their performances to California’s Bay Area.

Members of the New Life Band. Photo: www.newlifeband.net
Members of the New Life Band. Photo: www.newlifeband.net

The Tanzanian band uses music to spread messages of hope and is set to extend their tour to Southern California after 1 November. On Sunday 18 October the band led both worship services at 8:30am and 10:30am at the Elim Lutheran church. They return on Wedneday 21 October to the same venue for the ‘Elim for Elimu’ fundraiser. The fundraiser is held in support of Elim's Tanzanian Mission Grant Program that supports the construction of Elimu, the hostel and girls’ dormitory and classroom building on the New Life Band's school site

The New Life Band is focused on building a secondary boarding school because there was a scarcity of options for many students. Though attending primary school is common in Tanzania, there are far fewer options for students to continue their education at the secondary level. The New Life School, located in Kisongo, Tanzania aims to rectify this problem. Many students are part of the Massai people, an ethnic group in Northern Tanzania and Kenya. The school prioritizes enrolling female students and currently has 110 students, 65 of whom are girls. 

Information about the band’s Californian tour is available here


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