Tanzania’s Yamoto Band to tour the US

After a debut show in the UK at the start of 2015, Tanzania’s all boy band, Yamoto are set to thrill fans in the US with a series of concerts at various locations. The band will open their tour of the US in Kansas City on 27 November at an event dubbed Black Affair.

Tanzania's Yamoto band members. Photo: www.harakatizabongo.com
Tanzania's Yamoto band members. Photo: www.harakatizabongo.com

On 5 December the band shall perform at a Tanzania night in Washington DC. They will hold a final concert in Houston on 12 December.  The band is also set to release a new single ‘Mama’ before embarking on their USA tour.

Yamoto band is made up of four talented individuals; Dogo aslay, Maromboso, Enock Bella and Beka 1. The group has been making strides within Tanzania’s muziki wa dansi scene with their releases. With their songs mainly in Swahili the group is known for hits such as ‘Nitakupwelepweta’, ‘Nisambazie Raha’ and ‘Niseme’.

The group’s slow but progressive growth has many of its fans always looking out for their work. In 2015 the group has enjoyed great success with shows in Kenya, South Africa and Dubai. In March they performed alongside Tanzania’s Diamond Platnumz in Rwanda. Their songs tackle the everyday life occurrences.  In ‘Niseme’ for instance the group talks about mothers who have multiple relationships in the absence of their husbands. The children without knowing that the people always refer to as “uncles” are quick to tell their father who has come back how these uncles mistreat their mother.



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