Tanzania: Gulu Ramadhani joins Panamusiq management team

Panamusiq, the Tanzania based Pan-African management company, is strengthening its management team with the entry of Gulu Ramadhani Nanji.

Panamusiq management team. On the left is Gulu Ramadhani.
Panamusiq management team. On the left is Gulu Ramadhani.

Gulu, aka DJ Guru or G-Lover, is a pioneer in managing artists in Tanzania. Some of the acts that he has nurtured from their early stages are Ali Kiba, Dully Sykes, Mr Blue, Queen Darleen, Baby J and Bob Junior to name a few.

He is the founder of New Jack Family, the very first DJ Academy and artist management company in Tanzania. In 2002 he also founded G-Recordz and later G-2, Sharobaro Records and G-Projects.

Between 1996 and 2006 he was a DJ and also presented in many radio stations across Tanzania, including Clouds FM, Radio 1, East Africa Radio, Magic FM, Times FM and Coconut FM in Zanzibar.

In 2006 he founded Bomba FM in Zanzibar which, as of today, is the largest commercial radio in Zanzibar and Mbeya.

In recent days, Gulu has left Bomba FM to go back to his passion of nurturing African artists and thus his entry into Panamusiq, a fitting match for his objective.

Panamusiq currently represents Feza (Tanzania), Anto NeoSoul (Kenya), Chess Nthusi (Kenya), Pierre Bae (Cameroon) and Tanzanian producer C9. New signings will be announced soon.

Here's the video for Feza's 'Walete'.



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