Tanzania to host first music industry conference Sounds of Kili

Tanzania’s first music industry conference and marketplace, Sounds of Kili, is set to take place on the weekend of 4 and 5 June at Glaciers Bar in Moshi.

Tanzanian artist Grace Matata on Stage at DOADOA. Photo by Bwette Photography
Tanzanian artist Grace Matata on Stage at DOADOA. Photo by Bwette Photography

Touted as a bold new initiative to establish Tanzania’s first music industry showcase and conference event, the event will be held within Tanzania’s popular trade fair Kilifair, which runs between 3 and 5 June.

Sounds of Kili will combine elements of a public music festival, an industry showcase and a conference with keynote speakers, panel discussions and workshops.  The event seeks to provide a platform for professional networking and learning, bringing together key stakeholders and linking organizations, businesses, experts and creatives to stimulate demand and develop a broader market for Tanzanian music.  

One unique element of Sounds of Kili is the artists boot camp set to be held at the Red Monkey Lodge in Zanzibar, where participating musicians will live together and participate in informal jam sessions and networking activities throughout a three-day event.

The focus will then move to Moshi, where daily DJ sets and live performances by selected artists will offer attendees a taste of the best Tanzanian music.

The Cultural Arts Centre group will set the pace for the three-day event with a performance on the opening night. The centre is a project of Tumaini University Makumira to preserve and promote the unique cultural heritage of music and dance in northern Tanzania.

Also scheduled to perform in Moshi is Grace Matata, a Tanzanian singer/songwriter based in Dar es Salaam. Her musical journey started in 2010 when she signed to the record label Music Lab (M-Lab). Her music is a unique blend of Swahili soul, RnB and jazz, with a special touch of poetry. Since the release of her debut album Nyakati (times) in 2013, which featured artists such as Ben Pol, Banana Zoro and Nuruel, as well as Kenyan star Wyre, Grace has showcased her music internationally and solidified her image as a leading female artist in the Tanzanian industry. She recently performed at the DOADOA Performing Arts Market in Uganda.

Hip-hop artist One the Incredible will bring a fresh vibe to the event, while Swahili Ally, who is currently promoting his new album Mwanamuranda, will showcase his unique fusion of traditional digo music and the West African kora. 


Also set to perform at Sounds of Kili are Malfred and Mzungu Kichaa. The artists will be backed by the Bongo Beat Band. Also in the mix will be DJs Pilu, Paul and FU. 

Sounds of Kili seeks to develop and strengthen networks between performing artists, promoters, production houses and other professionals working in the creative industry in the region. The organizers hope this will enable Tanzanian creative entrepreneurs to receive exposure and find new markets within the region and internationally. The aim of Sounds of Kili's first edition will be to connect the most promising and hard-working emerging artists in Tanzania to opportunities and networks that will help them develop their professional careers.

For more information visit the Sounds of Kili website.


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