Tanzanian festival to celebrate African heritage

Tanzania's Skylight Band is set to illuminate festival goers at the Fahari Ya Mwafrika festival with music that resonates with the soul on Saturday 3 October at the Escape One grounds in Dar Es Salaam.

Members of the Skylight Band. Photo: www.tanzaniatoday.co.tz
Members of the Skylight Band. Photo: www.tanzaniatoday.co.tz

The Fahari Ya Mwafrika festival was founded in 2014 and aims to provide a platform for the youth to learn and be reminded about their African roots. According to organiser Lilian Masuka, the festival is a platform to support and expose activities of local artists, encourage networking among local and international residents, promote mutual cultural exchange and share experiences through a variety of performances, exhibition and workshops.

Festival goers should expect to enjoy a variety of activities including modern African music performances, visual arts and performing arts (dance, drama, acrobatics, magic and stand-up comedy), African cuisine and fashion shows. The festival also serves as a platform to award the heroes of Africa in Tanzania through the Fahari ya Mwafrika Awards. The awards will include various categories, among them the Best Entrepreneur, Best Musician and Up-and-Coming Entrepreneur. Unlike most awards that rely on voting, the Fahari ya Mwafrika Awards' selection is based on facts from researchers.

For more details visit the festival website or watch the video below.



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