Tanzanian producer C9 joins Panamusiq

Panamusiq has signed top Tanzanian producer Charles Francis - aka C9 - to its stable in a bid to become a powerhouse in the production of quality African music. Based in Dar es Salaam, Panamusiq is an artist management outfit that has artists such as Linah, Feza Kessy and the female duo Kioo in its stable. 

Tanzanian producer C9. Photo: www.panamusiq.com
Tanzanian producer C9. Photo: www.panamusiq.com

C9 is the last-born of a Tanzanian family of nine children (hence the artist name C9) and an eminent producer with a long list of hit records under his belt, including ‘Mbona Silali’ (Rich Mavoko), ‘Nakuhitaji’ and ‘Amerudi’ (Christian Bella/Malaika Band), ‘Suna’ (Barnaba), ‘Mtima Wange’ (Amini ft. Linah) and 'Dudu' (Shilole ft. Q-Chillah).

C9 started his production career working for Chuchu FM radio in Zanzibar where he was producing ads and jingles. Thereafter he worked at KIRI Records and then decided to set up his own studio called C9 Records. His talent was recognized with nominations for Producer of the Year at Kilimanjaro Tanzania Music Awards in 2013 and 2014.

Panamusiq is banking on his signing to assure the sustainable and professional growth of their newly signed artists, among them Feza Kessy and the duo Kioo, made up of twin sisters Husna and Hawa Mkungo from Dar es Salaam. Trained by vocal coach Joett, the duo is only set to make their stage debut in early 2016, and their early days in the music business have been focussed on recording.

Panamusiq is set to announce more signings in the near future. Watch the video for one of C9's hits, Rich Mavoko's 'Mbona Silali', below.



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