Temi Dollface and Wura Samba to headline 'GidiJand' UK concert

Nigerian songstress and drama-soul performer, Temi Dollface and her countryman, the drummer Wura Samba will be performing at the “GidiJand presents” concert in the UK come 20 September.

Temi Dollface will be performing at the 'GidiJand Presents' UK concert in September 2016
Temi Dollface will be performing at the 'GidiJand Presents' UK concert in September 2016

The GidiJand Project, by Soundthread and Afropop Live, is a pop-up project that turned the streets and such unusual areas of Lagos into recording studios.

Supported by the Goethe Institut Nigeria and the British Council, the GidiJand Project, which name is made of the slang names for Lagos and London, traversed the streets of Lagos blending sounds of the city with voices of some of its most musically gifted residents.

Rappers, vocalists, instrumentalists, DJs and spoken word artists all came along for the ride. Keziah Jones, Tomi Thomas, WunmiGirl, and rapper Obadice were some of the artists carried along on trips around Lagos. The Bogobiri Hotel and Freedom Park, both on the Island of Lagos, along with the Somolu area in Mainland Lagos were some of the spots used for recording music made by these artists.

“The roster of artists ranged from the iconic to emerging new talent,” says the GidiJand crew. They “fully committed to and collaborated with us in the creative process. This meant setting up on the streets of Ikoyi, Shomolu, Ikeja. And extensively [using] key landmarks [like] the City Hall and Freedom Park to accommodate the requests of our fellow collaborators.

“The process was very organic, largely in the moment and impromptu: we arrived, set up and pressed record. Essentially, we wanted the creative direction to be led by the artistic gatekeepers of the city, and for the city itself to be infused in the creative process and ultimately the rich, authentic music we were able to create as a result.”

Both Temi Dollface and Wura Samba were part of the project which is expected to yield an album in coming months. By taking part in the concert set to hold in the UK in September, both artists will be closing the loop that opened when the GidiJand crew showed up in Lagos. They will be leaving Gidi (Lagos) for Jand (London).

GidiJand presents Temi DollFace and Wura Samba at RichMix, 20 September. Come collaborate with the musicians at London's Hoxton Hall, 24 September .



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