Tinariwen – Elwan

Group: Tinariwen
Album: Elwan
Label / year: Anti Records / 2017

Malian band Tinariwen.  Photo: Marie Planeille
Malian band Tinariwen. Photo: Marie Planeille

Emblematic figures of Malian blues, Ibrahim Ag Alhabib and his group have released their eighth album, Elwan, a fusion of traditional and external influences proudly displaying their origins in these troubled times in their home country.

Released under American label Anti records, the new album follows Tassili, which won the World Music Grammy award in 2011 and Emmar, which was released in 2014.

Tinariwen have managed to keep their edgy sound intact, and as inspired by desert sonorities Elwan takes us on a journey where traditional ethnic music meets electro blues rock.

Elwan swings across electric, pastoral sounds and tribal tempo rock.  

While the sublime ‘Ittus’ merges voice and guitar riffs, ‘Taqqal Tenere’ offers percussive abandon. And the wonderfully smoky voices on ‘Fog Edaghan’ ends the journey leaving us breathless.

Elwan comes highly recommended to fans of Malian music. 

Watch the new video for Sastanàqqàm, the second track on Elwan, below:



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