Top Namibian artists to celebrate Ras Sheehama’s 50th birthday

Popular Namibian artist Ras Sheehama is turning 50 - and the nation is set to celebrate this moment with him during an all-star event at the Warehouse Theatre in Windhoek on Saturday 30 July.

Namibian artist Ras Sheehama is celebrating his 50th birthday in style. Photo:
Namibian artist Ras Sheehama is celebrating his 50th birthday in style. Photo:

Celebrating artists while alive is an important precedence to set for a nation that values the music produced by musicians during their lifetimes. These musical moments create memories for so many, and Ras Sheehama has definitely been devoted to creating music that permeates in the hearts of people.

During the upcoming event, dubbed ‘Celebrate the Legend’, various prominent Namibian artists like Big Ben, Tequila, Elemotho, Hishishi Papa, Castro, Slickartie and the Savannah Afros will kick off the night by each performing one of Ras Sheehama’s hits. During the second half of the event, other local stars like Exit, SunnyBoy and Jackson Jr will be featured during the main live show by Ras Sheehama and his band.

All the guest artists have shown great enthusiasm to participate in the celebration of the 50th birthday of the legend, with frequent rehearsals and preparations taking place in the run-up to the big night. With an all-star cast of Namibia’s best musicians, the show promises to become an event not to be missed. It will be promoted, recorded and broadcast by Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC).

Ras Shaheema said he is extremely excited about the event, adding that he is not planning to retire from the music industry any time soon. The artist started his musical career while in exile in the 1980s. He brought out his first album on cassette, with the hit single ‘Cassinga’, soon after his return to Namibia in 1991. He has released eight more albums since then, winning multiple awards and becoming a household name in Namibia.

Towards the end of 2015, Ras released his latest album Step Up, which was recognised at the Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMA) in April this year. Apart from achieving fame throughout the country, Ras Shaheema has taken his music and vibrant live performances beyond Namibia’s borders, performing all over Europe as well as China, Cuba, Senegal, Reunion, South Africa and Ethiopia.


The ‘Celebrate the Legend’ event has been sponsored by the Namibia Breweries’ Tafel Lager, the NBC and the Warehouse Theatre. Doors open at 7pm and the show it set to start from 8pm. Tickets are available for N$ 100 in advance or N$ 130 at the door (or N$ 250 for VIP tickets from the Warehouse Theatre, Antonio’s Art, FNCC and Kamselle Bar (Golgotta and Greenwell).


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