Uganda’s David Lutalo to launch new album with national tour

Ugandan artist David Lutalo is set to launch his eighth album, Manya, at various locations starting from 29 January.

Ugandan artist David Lutalo. Photo: www,
Ugandan artist David Lutalo. Photo: www,

Rated as one of Uganda's most talented vocalists, Lutalo burst on the Ugandan music scene with his satirical single ‘Kapapaala’ in 2008. Ugandan music fans love him for his distinctive voice, which has made him a favorite among rural and urban Ugandans in equal measure, leading him to be rated in some circles as the unofficial Ugandan musician of the year in 2014.

While some critics describe his music as ‘urban Kadongo kamu’, Lutalo is a talented versatile artist who can comfortably perform in many genres, including RnB, Afrobeat and reggae. His songs reflect the day-to-day issues faced by his listeners. His debut single, ‘Kapapaala’, celebrates women, ‘Engumba Zange’ on the other hand tackles the dark topic of death, while in ‘Batusosola’ he talks about society’s social divisions that breed hate and segregation. His 2014 single ‘Nandikulese Mukyalo’ tackles hypocrisy. 

On his latest album Lutalo has collaborated with various artists, including Eddy Kenzo, Bebe Cool and the Good Lyfe crew (Radio & Weasel). During the upcoming series of album launches, he will be joined by various artists including Da Hares, Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine, Radio & Weasel, King Saha, Eddy Kenzo, Iryn Ntale Cindy, Grace Nakimera and Coolerman, among others. The tour kicks off on 29 January at the Hotel Africana, the same place he launched his seventh album, Akantu, in 2015. 

The launch events will be held at the following venues:

  • 29 January - Hotel Africana, Kampala
  • 30 January - Satelite Beach, Mukono
  • 31 January - Forest Park, Buloba
  • 4 February - Kayunga Kati Komu
  • 5 February - Nikan Gardens, Lweza
  • 6 February - Nimrod Gardens, Luwero
  • 7 February - Gardens Masaka

In a recent intervew with Uganda's Chano8, Lutalo said: “My fans should expect only good things because we have new songs. All artistes on the poster have confirmed. I don’t only have one new song, so fans should really expect something different."



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