Uganda’s Kaz Kasozi releases new album 'Star Shift'

After two years of hard work in the studio, Ugandan soul singer and guitarist Kaz Kasozi recently launched his new album, Star Shift, at a private listening party.

Ugandan artist Kaz Kasozi. Photo:
Ugandan artist Kaz Kasozi. Photo:

The 13-track album explores various themes, focussing on how the artist has embraced the challenges that have come his way. Speaking to Ugandan media outlet The Monitor, Kasozi noted that as one gets older, experiences change one's perspective on life. Star Shift thus expresses some of those changes in his life, with a lot of the material inspired by occurrences in 2013, a year that was particularly challenging as the artist lost his mother.

Work on the newly released album began back in May 2014. From an initial list of 22 songs, the artists whittled the tracklist down to 13, most of which touch on issues of spiritual change and validation. Some of the songs include 'Calling', 'Justify', 'Tafadhali' and 'Boss Lady', among others. 

Kasozi worked with various artists on the new album, including Timothy Nabulwa on trumpet and backing vocalists Sharon Asinde and Toni Jay. He also had the help of producer Jason Kiwah of 3-in-One studios. Kasozi plays all other instruments on the album: bass, electric and acoustic guitars, congas, piano, synthesisers, drums, various percussion, flute and alto saxophone.


Kaz Kasozi is a multi-talented artist - besides playing numerous instruments he is also an astute composer and producer. His music fuses blues, funk, jazz, pop and rock influences with an African sensibility. His previous albums include The Quest (1998), Naked & Blue (2005), Jazzmoss (2007), Dance With Me (2012) and Postcard From Uganda (2013).

As a producer, Kasozi has produced and co-produced numerous recordings and arranged music for an eclectic number of artists and bands, including English rock band Star Chamber and Ugandan artists Rachel Magoola, Essence Kasozi, Sarah Ndagire and Maurice Kirya, to mention a few. He has also worked as musical director for tours and shows of various bands in the UK, France, Uganda and the US.

Kaz Kasozi’s new album Star Shift can be purchased here.


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