Uganda to host first hip hop awards ceremony

As hip-hop continues to gain prominence within Uganda, a new award scheme ‘UG Hip Hop Awards’ is set to recognize outstanding artists in the genre in a ceremony slated for 15 December at the Golf Course Hotel.

Ugandan hip hop artist Navio. Photo:
Ugandan hip hop artist Navio. Photo:

Organizers of the awards recently announced nominees in 21 categories, among which are two special awards: Lifetime Achiever and Hustler of the Year. Unlike the other categories, these two special awards will not attract entries for consideration.

For the Lifetime Achiever Award, judges will award personalities who, during their careers, have made significant contributions of lasting impact in the Ugandan hip-hop industry. The Hustler of the year Award on the other hand will be awarded to an artist who has had major endorsements or any other brand building achievements through hip hop. 

“It's about time,” says Enigma, a nominee. “Uganda's population is mostly youth and hip-hop speaks mostly to the youth. Hip hop is important and will continue to grow in relevance over the years. An awards show that recognizes and celebrates hip-hop in Uganda is timely and will probably act as a catalyst to spur the artists on to new heights of greatness."

Below is a list of nominees for the first UG Hip Hop Awards:

Male Rapper of the Year
Song of the Year
  • ‘Side Zeno’ – Pryce Teeba
  • ‘Mutima’ – Keko Tyson
  • ‘Kigozi’ – Navio
  • ‘Malala’ – Victor Kamenyo
  • ‘Tunyumize’ – Gravity
Collaboration of the Year
  • ‘Empisa’ – Ruyonga ft. Nandujja and St. Nelly-sade
  • ‘Batuwulira’ – Big Tril ft. Fille
  • ‘Crazy’ – Mckenzie ft. Navio  and Keko
  • ‘Nsekula’ – Fefe Bussi ft. Sheebah
  • ‘All Femcee Cypher’ – Fasie, Keko, Yallah, Sphynx, Twitch, Ninja C, Zion & Agee
Video of the Year
  • Gbesile – Navio ft. Burna Boy
  • Tsunami – Atlas Da African
  • Drink Party – Opu
  • Emergency – Nemesis
  • Dreams – Kracbone
Lyricist of the Year
  • ‘Ebaluwa’ – St. Nelly-sade
  • ‘First Family’ – The Mith
  • ‘Misinde’ – Keko
  • ‘Hip-Hop Kijjulo’ – Brooks After Mathematics
  • ‘Kumbe Anjagala’ – Luganda XLz
Inspirational Song of the Year
  • ‘Ekitakumenya’ – Ruyonga
  • ‘Togwamu Ssubi’ – Benzeri
  • ‘Hallelujah’ -1Der JR
  • ‘Victory’ – Flex D’Paper
  • ‘In Awe of You’ – Rugged Made
Rookie of the Year
  • Young Cardamom and HAB
  • AJO
  • Nemesis
  • Herninjaness Ninja c
  • Barna
Sweet 16
  • ‘Calm before the Storm’ – Tucker HD
  • ‘Redefinitions’ – Ruyonga
  • ‘Kingin’ – Patrobas
  • ‘Gritty Cypher 2’ – Payne Keelah
  • ‘Who Killed Hip-Hop’ – Enygma
Mixtape of the Year
  • Kambajulire – Pryce Teeba
  • Love from Venus – Keko
  • Keep the Fame – Sulfuric
  • Dorm Room Experience – High Society Music
  • The Enygma Machine – Enygma
Central artist of the Year
  • Fefe Bussi
  • Victor Kamenyo
  • Gravity
  • St. Nelly-sade
  • Nemesis
Eastern artist of the Year
  • Byg Ben
  • Buka Chimey
  • 1Rail
  • Ram Kigozi
  • Leumas
Northern artist of the Year
  • Mc Wang Jok
  • Toobi Smallz
  • G-Wills
  • Acholi Rapper Lobby
  • Lumix (R.I.P)
Western artist of the Year
  • Amaani Amanigger
  • T-bro
  • B-trabol
  • Skylanta
  • Qreaus
Rap Fusion of the Year
  • Eh Mama – Mith ft. Maro
  • Ghost – Maurice ft. Ruyonga
  • Njogereza – Navio
  • Ndakwikundira – Mckenzie ft. Kahiri, The Mith, Ruyonga, and Lilian Mbabazi
  • Mutima – Keko Town
Media Personality of the Year
  • So Severe (Touch FM)
  • Mister Deejay (Radio City)
  • Byg Kahuna (Hot 100)
  • Segawa Salim (
  • Kyle (New Vision)
Deejay of the Year
  • Tha Dropout
  • DJ Twonjex
  • DJ Slugface
  • Deejay Crim
  • DJ Shiru
Producer of the Year
  • The Weezy (Batuwulira)
  • Samurae (Ndakwikundira)
  • Nase Avatar (No Apologies)
  • Lawraid Vibes (Stories of Elevation)
  • Baru (Side Zeno/Kambajulire)
Diaspora Act of the Year
  • Rashy K (Yenze)
  • Double S (Styles and Flows)
  • S.T.R.A.P. (Listen)
  • Kleo (Come too far)
  • Ston City (Afrikan Magic)
Female Artist of the Year


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