Music In Africa Foundation Annual Report for 2014-15

Chairman’s Statement: The Music In Africa Foundation (MIAF) turned 2 years old on 28 July 2015, a few weeks after the end of the fiscal year on which this annual report is based (July 2014 to June 2015). It gives me great pleasure to note that there was significant growth in many aspects of our work in this period.

Ribio Nzeza Bunketi Buse, Chairperson of the Music In Africa Foundation

During the year under review I worked, under the guidance of my colleagues on the Board, to strengthen the Foundation’s profile and visibility in the African music sector. I am pleased to see how we have quickly established a reputable professional profile on the continent. We have been able to establish more partnerships with like-minded organisations that are keen to join efforts in enhancing the African music sector. These engagements are crucial to the Foundation, particularly in this phase wherein we explore sustainable means to grow our offline activities.

Developments happening globally show us that the role of the internet and new technologies are becoming even more critical than we imagined. For example, the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) this year reported that global digital revenues increased by 6,9 per cent in 2014. I believe that it is our role as a pan-African, music-focused organisation to explore what role we play in this context. I am particularly pleased that some of our work in the past year contributed to encouraging young people in disadvantaged areas to employ new innovations in producing, marketing and consuming music. That is the key to our partnership with the Wired For Sound project, where young musicians in rural communities in Malawi were encouraged to record songs in remote studios powered by solar energy.

At the same time, we have recorded many great advancements with our flagship offering, the information and exchange web portal Our coverage of the continent has improved not only in quantity but also in quality and diversity. Our content contributor network continues to grow and content-related strategies have been further improved with a view to address key issues such as reach and sustainability.

On a governance level, we have this year appointed 4 committees to assist the Board on a number of areas, namely the Content Committee, the Risk Management Committee, the Membership Committee and the Human Resources Committee.


This year will unfortunately be the last for Ms. Henrike Grohs as a board member. She will be replaced by Mrs. Noemie Njangiru at our 3rd AGM. On behalf of the foundation, I want to acknowledge the many key roles that Henrike has played in the formation of the Music In Africa initiative. To her we say thank you very much and we hope that you will continue to collaborate with the Foundation in the various ways that are available for members and Goethe-Institut offices across Africa.

In closing, I would like to thank the staff of the Foundation based in Dakar, Kinshasa, Nairobi and Johannesburg for their valued commitment. The leadership of our Director, Mr. Edington Hatitye, is highly appreciated in managing the day-to-day affairs of the Foundation.

I am also grateful to my colleagues from the Management Board for their consistent contributions and support to see the Foundation emerging as a leading source of information and exchange for the African music sector. Special thanks go to the Siemens Stiftung and the Goethe-Institut Sub-Saharan Africa for their much-needed support. We look forward to further strong and fruitful collaborations.

Ribio Nzeza Bunketi Buse - Chairperson

Download the Music In Africa Annual Report for 2014-15 here.