Wanlov the Kubolor takes it ‘to the streets’

Friday 4 September will see a number of artists offering their works to the public via an exhibition in Accra. The exhibition, ‘Take me to the streets’, will hold within the premises of Alliance Française Accra for a month, closing Saturday 4 October. 

Wanlov the Kubolor. Photo: Institut Française
Wanlov the Kubolor. Photo: Institut Française

Musician Wanlov the Kubolor, half of the duo The Fokn Bois, will provide video art in the mixed media exhibition. The other works include photography from Mutombo Da Poet, NyaniQuarmyne, Serge Attukwei Clottey and Francis Kokoroko. Isabel Abreu’s watercolour art and MusahSwallah’s painting on wood will be exhibited as well. Along with Wanlov the Kubolor, Zohra Opoku will show video art.

The exhibition aims to show the reality of the streets of Ghana’s capital through art. ‘The streets of Accra are filled with beauty, life, laughter but also anger, inequality and loneliness,’ says the organiser’s statement. The selected ‘young contemporary artists living in Accra use their art to convey all the tenderness they have for the city and its inhabitants and shout their discontentment regarding the day to day challenges.’

Wanlov the Kubolor, perhaps Accra’s most famous intersection of pop music and art, has provided the rest of the world with some of the most vivid portrayals of life in Ghana. As a member of the band Fokn Boiz, he released a series of witty songs and videos on life as a young person in the West African country. Sometime gritty, dften surreal, these videos have received critical attention around the continent and beyond.

For the ‘Take me to the streets’ exhibition Wanlov will entertain the audience with music videos and documentaries on Accra. Prominent in his documentary are street hawkers speaking about their experience on the streets of Accra.

According to the organisers, the exhibition will start off with a cocktail 4 September at 18:30 hours at Alliance Française Accra.


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