Wawela Awards to honour South African music's global ambassadors

Recognising the successes of South African musicians and composers all over the world, the fourth annual Wawela Music Awards (WMAs) ceremony will take place at a prestigious gala event in Johannesburg on Friday 24 June.

2015 Wawela winners Mi Casa perform at last year's awards ceremony. Photo: SAMRO
2015 Wawela winners Mi Casa perform at last year's awards ceremony. Photo: SAMRO

The Wawelas are inspired by South African music creators' accomplishments in South Africa and on the international stage. They also pay homage to the legends of local music who have paved the way to this point through their extraordinary lifetime achievements.

The awards are hosted by the Southern African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO) amd are a gesture from SAMRO to thank the country's creative trailblazers who have flown the South African music flag high and made South Africa proud of its vibrant, diverse and ever-evolving musical heritage.

The awards are therefore open to SAMRO members only – specifically those whose music was active from 1 January 2014 to 31 December 2014 (not 2015 - SAMRO pays out royalties for the preceding year, so this year’s Wawelas award SAMRO members whose royalties were paid out in 2015 for the music in 2014).

Composers will be selected across a range of genres, styles and categories. The winners of the 2016 WMAs will be those musicians who have truly reached 'the new beyond', whose music has broken through and made an impact. Entries will be judged on merit, based on the quality of composing and songwriting, by a panel of respected and experienced industry professionals. The judging panel will also hand out a number of special awards.

Last year’s Wawela winners were Mi Casa (Best Creative Album of the Year), Berita (Songwriter of the Year), Nomfundo Xaluva (Best Female Artist & Composer), Elvis Blue (Best Male Artist & Composer), Benjamin Willem (Best Soundtrack), Alun Richards (Best Song or Composition in a Radio Commercial), Brendan Jury (Best Song or Composition in a TV Production) and Jeremy Loops (Best Song or Composition in a TV Commercial). Click here for last year’s nominees.

How to enter

SAMRO members who would like to submit their entries for the 2016 WMAs must complete the online entry form.

Entrants are required to have certain content available (MP3 files of a song, three 3 hi-res photos and a profile) and must be available to attend the awards if nominated. Entry is free. 

Entries close on Wednesday 16 March 2016.

For more details visit the Wawela website or email phash.ratshilumela@samro.org.za.


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