Wizkid gets Sony deal

Over the past few months, rumours of Wizkid signing to the global corporation Sony have spread across Nigerian blogs and social media.


Recent reports, however, indicate that the ‘Ojuelegba’ singer has actually been in talks with the global company. “Afrobeats hits mainstream as Sony eyes Wizkid,” declares a recent headline by the Financial Times.

Says the reputable publication: ‘[W]ith Nigerian singer Wizkid tipped to sign with Sony Music-owned RCA Records — becoming the third Nigerian artist to sign with Sony this year — and international stars lacing the sounds of the “Afrobeats” genre through chart-topping hits, the country’s vibrant music scene is going global.’

According to the FT, Wizkid had been in talks with Universal but has signed with Sony instead. Sony, however, “declined to comment.”

As Nigerian music becomes more recognised around the world, global firms are vying for the signatures of its artists. So far Sony music has snapped up the two most prized Nigerian artists: Davido and now Wizkid. Perhaps a collaborative album by both artists, as hinted at by Davido, is a possibility. 

According to details circulating around social media, Wizkid will also get a distribution deal with RCA, which only a few months ago, signed Davido. RCA already has a direct deal with the US-based Nigerian artist Ayo Jay.

Wizkid’s deal with Sony itself is said to be worth around a million dollars. But for now both artist and company are keeping the exact details of the deal under wraps.



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