World prepares for Playing For Change Day

Playing For Change (PFC) Day is just days away and excitement is building all over the world, with some 250 events scheduled in 46 countries. Music lovers all over the globe are joining together once again to celebrate the fifth annual Playing For Change Day on 19 September 2015. On this day, musicians and fans will gather all over the world on stages, street corners, schools, and online via live-streams to participate in musical performances, concerts and events that promote peace and positive social change.

Grandpa Elliott and Clarence Bekker with the PFC Band in Brazil in 2014. Photo: PFC/Facebook
Grandpa Elliott and Clarence Bekker with the PFC Band in Brazil in 2014. Photo: PFC/Facebook

PFC Day was originally established to coincide with the UN’s International Day of Peace (or Peace Day), which takes place each year on 21 September. PFC Day is held on the closest Saturday each year, so most events this year are taking place on Saturday 19 September. The day will raise awareness and funds to create lasting change through music for generations to come. Funds raised through PFC Day will support Playing For Change Foundation music programmes, which give children the opportunity to develop new skills and find personal expression through music. The event will build on the success of PFC Day 2014, during which thousands of volunteers organized more than 400 events in 61 countries on six continents.

The international celebration will see events taking place all over the world, including the following in Africa:

  • Rwanda: Drum & Dance Celebration at Star School in Masaka

Star School in Masaka, Rwanda will be hosting an exciting local event for their school community, including drumming and dance performances led by the talented music teachers of the Playing For Change Foundation Star School Music & Sports Programme, who will bring joy and ignite the spirits of over 500 students and the local community of Masaka. It takes place on 19 September 2015 from 10am to 12pm.

  • Ghana: One World Tribe - Peace Love & Unity Concert in Techiman

Last year on Playing For Change Day, a Peace Love & Unity Concert was held in Bole, Ghana over two days with the message of peace, love and unity in the hope of putting an end to differences in Tinga. Due to the overwhelming support received from the good people of Ghana, another Peace, Love, & Unity Concert is being held this year in Techiman, artist Redfyah's home village, at the Zongo L/A Park. Joining Redfyah and the Abagbrrr Band will be Iwan, Kojo Owusu Realitee, Gandaranks, O.T,  Silassie,  Kristjomah and Jah Amber. It takes place on 19 September 2015 from 8pm to 1am.

  • Mali: PFC Day at Ecole de Musique in Kirina

The Playing For Change Foundation school in Mali, Ecole de Musique de Kirina, has actively participated in PFC Day since 2011, creating an event and sharing the joy and love with their community each year on this special day. This year's celebration will include performances by students, teachers, special guests and some of Mali's finest musicians. The most exciting part of this PFC Day is that the students will showcase what they've learned at the school for their community and the world. It takes place on 19 September 2015 from 1pm to 4pm.

  • Tunisia: PFC Day at Université Tunis Carthage in Tunis

Artistes Sans Frontieres hosts a PFC Day event at Université Tunis Carthage (Avenue Fattouma Bourguiba, La Soukra, Tunis) on 19 September from 5pm to 8pm, with more events planned.

  • Morocco: PFC Day at M'hamid el Ghizlane

M'hamid el Ghizlane, the 'Gateway to the Sahara', has a beautifully rich cultural heritage in danger of being lost due to the harsh climate and poverty. The 2 000 local youth crave a creative outlet but lack access to musical instruments, education, and encouragement. The M’hamid Cultural Center Project will focus on empowering these young people with arts programming in a safe and welcoming space.It takes place on Friday 18 September from 7pm to 10pm.This is a sister event to PFC Day in Washington, DC. Local bands will perform, and a recording of the performance will be screened at the event in Washington.

When you take part in PFC Day, it has an impact. According to music teacher Tuhin of the PFC Foundation music programme in Dhaka, Bangladesh​: “Music is not only recreation and entertainment, but also education”. Together with his teaching partner Rakib, the programme in Dhaka is providing more than 100 hours of music instruction each month to 500 children aged between 5 to 12. For many students, the programme is their first opportunity to learn about rhythm, to sing and clap, and to experience the joy of music. 

The Playing For Change Foundation (PFCF) was established in 2007 as a non-profit organization with a mission to create positive change through music education. To date, PFCF has created 12 music schools and programmes in Bangladesh, Brazil, Ghana, Mali, Nepal, Rwanda, South Africa, Thailand and the USA. Each programme teaches children about their own unique heritage and cultural traditions and connects them in dynamic ways with other children and cultures around the world. Hundreds of children who wouldn’t otherwise have access to music education currently participate in regular music and dance classes. Dozens of teaching jobs have been created and instruments for the programmes are sourced from local artisans, creating economic opportunities. For more information about the fifth annual PFC Day, visit the website, email or watch the video below. There is still time to register your own PFC Day celebration in your community by clicking here.



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