Zimbabwean artist writes a guitar manual book

South Africa based Zimbabwean guitarist Mthabisi Moyo has penned a new book that will be used as a manual for guitarists across Africa. 

Zimbabwean musician Thabani Moyo. Photo: Bulawayo24.com
Zimbabwean musician Thabani Moyo. Photo: Bulawayo24.com

Speaking in Johannesburg, Moyo said, "I am actually about to launch my manual book for guitar lessons I specifically wrote for Africans so as to keep our music alive. My plan is to approach the government schools and start teaching kids about our own music and to make them understand how important it is to appreciate what God has given you and make use of it."

Inspired by the lack of talented guitarists in Zimbabwean music industry as evidenced by his continuous hiring across genres, to play different guitar tunes, the 26-year old artist is determined to unlock the potential of upcoming artists.

The book project itself is a way of donating his thinking cap that ought to be translated into practical creative projects by the decoders.

Talking of his experience, the multi-faceted artist has been a darling to different genres. His appearance in maskandi acoustics was notable in Zinjaziyamluma's latest album and on the oncoming fresh album from Mehlokazulu which happens to be the later’s debut Afro-jazz offering.

Although Moyo has played electrifying rhumba beats he refuses to be branded as a rhumba artist, rather he opts to stand as an unlimited edition fond of trading under maskandi and Afro-pop sounds.

"I Play both a lead and acoustic guitar with a fusion of South African maskandi and some elements of jazz," said Moyo.

"In music industry I have worked with Jeys Marabini, the one who discovered my gift and nurtured it up until Mthabisi Moyo the guitarist was revealed. I have also worked with Mehlokazulu, Madlela (Samamo) the late Sfiso Ncwane, and the Austrian based Vusa Mkhaya, I can't count them all but I'm still looking forward to helping as many artists in Africa as possible," he said.

Ngiyabonga album

Last year in November, Moyo dropped a ten-track gospel album titled Ngiyabonga. "I have released an album titled Ngiyabonga last year 2016 with ten powerful praise and worship songs. I call my music Afro-gospel; it is generally gospel in African rhythms. The tracks include 'Ngizocasha', 'Amagama Abangcwele', 'Ngiyabonga', 'Uphakeme', 'Jesu Siyakubonga', 'Ungithethelele', 'Akhona Amandla', 'Sizohlabelela', 'Favor and Ngiyabonga'.

In my music project I featured Pastor Owen Wozhele (Botswana) and Kudakwashe Chikwanda, (keyboards) Travolta Chiķwanda (Bassist), Caleb Dube (Drummer)," he said.

The album is now available on market for music lovers to treat themselves to a new gospel menu. CDs are available in Zimbabwe and South Africa for $5 and R100 ($7) respectively. 

This article was originally published in Bulawayo24.com on 3 February 2017.


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