African artists to perform at Black History Month concerts in the UK

Black History Month has been celebrated every October in the UK for over 35 years. This year, a series of concerts featuring African artists from Botswana and Uganda are set to be held at various venues in London, UK between 2 and 14 October.

Ugandan artist Sarah Ndagire. Photo:
Ugandan artist Sarah Ndagire. Photo:

Kicking off the Black History Month celebrations is Masego Woki and the Kalahari Band from Botswana. Led by her husband Aubrei Woki, the Kalahari Band and Masego will perform at an event to celebrate Botswana Independence Day in the Old Library at Charlton House on Friday 2 October from 7pm. 

Black History Month will also celebrate Uganda's Independence Day, taking place on Friday 9 October. Five acclaimed Ugandan singers - Milly Namuksa, Essence Kasozi, Barbara Wamala, Sarah Ndagire and Rachel Nabudde - are to lead an evening of East African music at Greenwich Theatre in London on 14 October. Dubbed the 'Women of Kampala' show, the Ugandan singers will be backed by a seven-piece band for an evening of great music. The show will see Nigerian musician Eben Oke and his Yoruba Soul-Jazz band support the leading ladies. 

Louisa Le Marchand, director of organisers Global Fusion Music and Arts, said of the Ugandan singers: “They are a group of singers from the city of Kampala, living in England. They are also fantastic dancers and actresses in their own right. Milly and Essence are actually soap stars in Uganda, so there’ll be a lot of talent there.” 

Besides music the shows, the celebrations will also feature free African-themed workshops for children on Saturday 3 October. An evening of film screenings in the Grand Salon at Charlton House is also set for the same date. For more information visit the event’s website


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