Bai Babu is first Gambian artist to reach 1 million YouTube views

Gambia’s Bai Babu has become the first artist from his country to have a million views on a single video. The video for his hit song ‘Fahass’ (featuring Barhama) has received over a million hits.

Bai Babu's 'Fahass' is first Gambian music video to hit a million views
Bai Babu's 'Fahass' is first Gambian music video to hit a million views

Artists from the Gambia have generally struggled to be heard by both their countrymen and across the continent. Some have blamed the situation on a general indifference to the country’s artists by the populace.

It, however, could also be because the Gambia is one of the continent’s smaller countries—even if this has not stopped famous African musicians like Wizkid and P-Square from staging successful concerts in the country.

In recent times, Gambian artists may be seeing more appreciation from their country as the president gave out medals to a some musicians during a national celebration.

Bai Babu, who was among the recipients of the presidential medals, posted the 'Fahass' video on YouTube in January. And with the achievement, took to Facebook. "The Fahass Video has reached 1 million Views on YouTube, in 8 months, making it the first Gambian Music Video to reached this milestone," he wrote.

"I want to thank you all (The Fans) for making it happen. Thanks to my team Joluv Arts & STS pictures for the Quality and Sheikh Tijan Secka for being the Best Director out there & special thanks to Barhama (Kerr gi Family) for making a hit song and also to Jlive Music (The Producer)."

This year also brought several awards to Bai Babu, who emerged top winner at the maiden edition of the Wah Sa Halat Music Awards. He won four trophies including Mbalax Artist of the Year. The now iconic 'Fahass' won both Song of the Year and Music Video of the Year.

Watch the video for 'Fahass' below:



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