Botswana’s Charma Gal seeks Oliver Mtukudzi collabo

Motswana artist Charma Gal, is in Harare, Zimbabwe seeking a collaboration with Oliver Mtukudzi. Charma, popular for her Chika dances and her role in the Culture Spears group, visited Pakare Paye Arts Centre in Norton last week to meet the superstar.

Charma Gal. Photo:
Charma Gal. Photo:

She has recorded a duet with Jah Prayzah, which will become their second joint project after ‘Dali Wami’. According to a source, “She is in the country for talks with Oliver Mtukudzi but she also took the opportunity to record a duet with Jah Prayzah.” a source said.

Charma Gal, however reportedly declined to shed more light on the news.

“I am in Zimbabwe for a meeting with Oliver Mtukudzi and for now I cannot say much,” she said. “Yes, we had a recording with Jah Prayzah yesterday but I will only furnish you with the details when the song is complete.”

It was her wish, she said, to have duets with Zimbabwean female musicians but was disappointed: “I once talked to Fungisai Zvakavapano­ and Sandra Ndebele, but the deals failed to materialise. So, I decided to have another collaboration with Jah Prayzah and a new project with Oliver Mtukudzi.”

She said her growing fan base in Zimbabwe inspired her to record songs with local artists. “Zimbabwe is a good country and that’s why I decided to do a song in Shona to show how I love its people,” she said, adding that, “When I came for Jah Prayzah’s album launch some years back, I discovered that the country has got talent and it is encouraging as it opens doors for us to work with them.”

Charma Gal encouraged artists to remain united in entertaining fans. “We should not act like politicians,” she said. “In fact, politicians appear to fight in public yet they work together in the background and fool the people into fighting. As musicians, if we are to fight let us have battles on stage through our music.”

This article was originally published in The Herald on 23 January 2017.


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