Call for applications: Atlantic Music Expo 2016 in Cape Verde

The deadline to submit a showcase or conference proposal for the fourth edition of the Atlantic Music Expo (AME), set to take place in Praia, Cabo Verde from 11 to 14 April 2016, is just around the corner. If you wish to apply to participate in next year's programme, submit your idea, music or artists by Friday 27 November.

Highlights from a previous AME on the streets of Praia, Cape Verde. Photo: AME
Highlights from a previous AME on the streets of Praia, Cape Verde. Photo: AME

Recently featured as one of the best music industry conferences in Africa, AME has over three editions become a crucial meeting point for musicians and music professionals from Cabo Verde, Africa and all sides of the Atlantic. Held just prior to the renowned Kriol Jazz Festival, AME features concerts, conferences, workshops and an open-air trade fair held in Praça Alexandre Albuquerque.

The first three editions of Atlantic Music Expo were a success, welcoming about 500 music professionals and artists and offering over 20 showcases, as well as conferences and workshops over three days. Many of those who have attended past editions have mentioned the uniqueness of AME, not only because of its geographical location but also because of its human perspective. Unlike the other music markets and conferences, the number of participants at AME, along with the ideal surroundings and weather conditions, seem to make the people attending more available one for another.

The Atlantic Music Expo is now calling for applications from artists who want to showcase at AME, as well as conference proposals. The overall programme will consist of selected proposals as well as AME-curated acts and sessions. If you are an artist and wish to apply to showcase at AME 2016, complete the online application form here before Friday 27 November. For artists from Cabo Verde, the application deadline is 30 January 2016.

Please note that AME is not in a position to cover artists' international travels. The following are provided: accommodation, per diems, stage equipment, local transportation and extensive promotion for all the selected artists. If you want to apply for a showcase, think carefully about financing and let us know what support or funding you can benefit from.

To apply as a delegate, click here. To book a stand, click here.



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