Africa Institute of Music (AIM)

Kampala, Uganda
In operation since 2002
Music Education (Colleges)


The Reception
Tel: +256312282589
Cell: +256772577748


Plot 2407 on B0kasa Close in Muyenga

Online presence

Africa Institute of Music (AIM) was established in 2002 as a learning community. It is a Christian college (Licensed by the Uganda National Council for Higher Education) that is committed to music education and performance in Africa with a curriculum of synergistic-ally integrated multicultural music.

AIM intends to provide holistic and artistic education in music for musicians-to-be and already active musicians with their own unique musical identities so that they may realize their full potential as artists, scholars, leaders, and global citizens.

AIM intends to create enlightened musicians who, while informed and appreciative of other cultures, will value their own heritage and contribute to the world with its beauty.

AIM also intends to raise responsible and innovative individuals by exposing them to the spirit of discipline, commitment, and creativity through training academic art music. The purpose is to cultivate influential musicians who will take artistic leadership even in the musical culture of common people.

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