African Destiny

Harare, Zimbabwe
In operation since 2007
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Eliah Murenzvi



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African Destiny is an eight-member band that was born at the Midlands State University (MSU) by students from the Music and Musicology Department in 2007. The group made its major entry into the music arena at the national finals of the Music Crossroads competition in May 2007 before proceeding to represent the country at the 10th edition of the Music Crossroads InterRegional Festival, held in Harare the same year. To date, the band has performed at a number of clubs and jazz venues like Jameson Hotel, The Mannenberg and Book Café in Harare as well as The Bowling Club and The Village Lodge in Gweru.

African Destiny took part in the Songs for Life project by Music Crossroads and recorded one song on the Music Crossroads compilation album in 2007. They were subsequently honoured in 2008 with a performance for Africa Day at the Book Café. They also participated in a number of gender-awareness programmes hosted at the same venue. After re-entering and winning the Music Crossroads competition in 2009, African Destiny toured Europe in 2010, where they held 23 shows in Sweden and visited 11 cities. At home the band has also performed at the Jazz Appreciation Society event held at The Mannenberg with Luck Street Blues and has performed alongside Jazz Invitation. 

The band members are: Taona Mutengo (guitar and vocals), Carmen Hwarari (vocals and mbira), Pritchard Chikwama (bass guitar), Louisa Mlambo (vocals, mbira and marimba), Brian Munongwa (drums), Decent Chambwera (vocals and percussion), Raymond Mupfumira (keyboards) and Vusumuzi Mtunzi (saxophone).

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