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In operation since 1996
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Les Pilles

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Africultures is a private, independent association financed (except for a very appreciable annual contribution from the FASILD and CNL, which covers a small portion of its expenses and print sales) by the construction of websites and sharing of expertise.

Africultures began as a a quarterly publication of arts and culture about and from Africa and its diasporas, founded in 1996 and based in France, in Les Pilles and Paris. The magazine is managed by the association Africultures and it is published by L'Harmattan. Each edition contains approximately 250 pages with critical reviews and a special theme on literature, cinema, theatre, music, dance, art and photography.

The Africultures website takes the paper edition of the journal a step further, providing additional information on and in-depth analysis of contemporary cultural expressions in Africa and the diaspora. The website offers a host of extremely popular interactive services that can be accessed from the home page (classified ads, competitions, forums, reader initiatives, articles by readers, etc.) as well as a range of other services that cater to various information needs free of charge. You can also subscribe to the free weekly newsletter, which features news on cultural events. The Africultures Association also oversees local websites such as Burkina Cultures, Cultures Mali, Kamer Cultures, etc.

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