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The Archives of Traditional Music is a collection of sound recording collected by Bogumil Witalis Andrzejewski. The recordings were done between 1958 and 1991, mainly in Somalia, with a few recordings from Kenya.

The collection has 152 sound tape reels (263 hours total): analog, 3 3/4 ips, 2 track, mono, 5 in, 74 sound cassettes which contains field recordings and radio broadcasts of songs (hees, hellos, gabays, balwo, geeraar, buraambur, etc.), poetry and information about the poets and poetry, plays and information about theater in Somalia, oral histories, tales and interviews, news broadcasts, the development of the Somali written alphabet and literacy lessons, Koran recitations and Islam in Somalia.

A number of Somalis, speakers, singers and instrumentalists are named in the documentation. Languages include Somali (various dialects), Oromo (various dialects), Arabic, Italian and English. Recordings contain several radio broadcasts from Radio Mogadishu, as well as Radio Hargeysa, Cairo, Nairobi, Addis Ababa, and Radio Djibouti.

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