Bagamoyo College of Arts (Chuo Cha Sanaa Bagamoyo), Bagamoyo

Bagamoyo, Tanzania
In operation since 1981
Music Education (Colleges)


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Tel: +255232440032



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Established in 1981, the college emerged in its present form in 1987. Bagamoyo is situated 72 kilometres north east of Dar es Salaam. This creative, innovative institution offers programs in dance, drama, art history, acrobatics, stage directing, arts management and stage technology as well as music.

A new theatre was opened in 2008. Short courses are available, from two weeks to six months. Only Africans are admitted to the full course, but non-Africans are welcome to participate in the workshops and practical seminars.

Programme detail: Diploma in Music. Three years. Majors in music (including traditional instrument performance) and one other chosen from dance, drama, fine arts, stage technology. There are also programs in communication skills and arts management. Music studies include performance on traditional and Western instruments, theory, composition and arranging, theory, choral performance.

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Traditional Instrument Performance
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