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The Bayimba International Festival of the Arts was founded by the Bayimba Cultural Foundation to increase the appreciation of Uganda’s finest artists. Today, the festival runs annually in the third week of September in Kampala, Uganda. During the festival, Uganda's capital comes alive with an unparalleled feast of music, dance, theatre, film, and visual arts.

Bayimba has become an important event on the Ugandan social calendar and is a revolutionary platform for renowned and up-coming artists from the African continent. Over the past six years, Bayimba has developed into a major multi-arts festival with varied and quality programming with innovative and creative ideas. The festival is eagerly anticipated by locals while artists and visitors from all over the world pour into Kampala to take advantage of this unique art experience.

Bayimba is undoubtedly Uganda’s number one festival. The current festival programming focuses on the value of art performances and productions of participating artists from East Africa and beyond, as well as increasing the numbers of its audience.

The three-day festival takes place at the easily accessible National Theatre in Kampala City centre, with a less than US$1 entrance fee. This is important as it reaches out to segments of the population that would otherwise have no access to the arts. Coupled with exciting and attractive programming featuring over 300 artists at every Festival, Bayimba is one of the best festivals in Africa.

Since 2010, the Bayimba International Festival of the Arts has been preceded by a number of one-day Bayimba Regional Festivals up-country that reach out to people and artists in several regions. These regional festivals give local, regional talent as well as famous Ugandan artists an opportunity to grace the stage side by side. Most importantly, local talent is offered the chance to perform onstage at the Bayimba International Festival.

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