Banjul, Gambia
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Amadou Wurrie Jallow
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Born on 13 October 1991, Amadou Wurrie Jallow, best known by his stage name, Baysic, is a Gambian hip-hop artist residing in Banjul. Baysic’s love for music began in 2000. During that time he loved listening to music by top international artists. In 2004, he had already mastered lyrics of the ‘Get Rich or Die Trying’ album by U.S. rapper 50 cent. This prompted him to start writing his own lyrics and it helped to broaden his lyrical flow. He kept writing until high school where he joined a group of friends who liked rapping.

He disbanded the group in 2009 after finishing high school. In 2011, he visited Singhateh aka Freaky Joe's studio to record his maiden single ‘Think About It’. The single landed him a contract with GSC Records in September. The label is owned by Malang Fatty a Gambian UK based producer.
He later dropped another single titled ‘Somebody’; the song earned him a mark in the country music industry. In November 2015, he released another song called ‘Nunu Baby’ featuring Big Sey a Gambian UK based artist. On 14 February 2016, he released another single called ‘Hold On’ featuring Ida Divine, a U.S. soul and RnB living in New York.
As of April 2016, he was finalizing his EP.

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